Saturday , March 25 2023
how technology change cat life

THEN vs NOW: Technology has completely changed my life and my cat’s life!

Technology has changed my life a lot and yours. But have you ever thought about how technology has influenced the life of a cat?

But we have evidence. The cats also have got several significant lifestyle transformations with this technological evolution. The cats are lazy creatures. They like to copy their humans and try to do what humans do. Typically, we find the cats imitating us, the humans.

Televisions, smartphones, the internet, and computer would be your life essentials. And now, they have become the life essentials of our cats too. The following 15 pictures would show how a cat’s life has changed with these devices’ evolutions.

 #1 TV nap

Previously, the lazy cats had a comfortable, cozy place to sleep the whole day, and now the area is not enough to stay comfortable anymore.

#2 The new place is awkward

Nothing smells good and feels friendlier than the pages of a book, says a bookaholic cat.

#3 Found the warmest place to rest

The area of a radiator is reducing by the time, and it would be so tiny in the future.

#4 Prey is not live anymore

The cats can’t understand the intention of humans to select a mouse to work with a computer.

#5 Nature is on the screen

I wish it were live as before, so I could jump into the bird and catch it from the feathers.

how technology change cat life

#6 tangled in wire

#7 Cat and more cats

He is not happy about the Digitalized duplicates.

#8 Fish hunting

Nothing is as comforting as live fish.

#9 dating vs. Facebook

My human is addicted to Facebook, and he needs me to get lost on Facebook too.

#10 Modern version of playing games

#11 Cat race then and now

They force me to stay home.

#12 Cat’s house

Now, we find more introverts here.

#13 Photos of us then and now

I hope you get that the humans have gone mad with this technology.

#14 Widescreen then and now

#15 Techno expert cats

Before the digital era, our whole world was food, sleeping, and playing. But now, we got to maintain the busy cat profile.

Source: boredpanda